Five Important Considerations When Choosing Business Telephone System Providers

A small, Vancouver-based sole-proprietorship might get away with using just a smartphone to conduct its business, but most businesses require a proper business telephone system. Ideally, each business should have a telephone system and Internet in place to help it present itself professionally and maximize its ability to work efficiently while staying connected to suppliers, employees, and customers.

Finding a suitable business telephone system is all about understanding your needs while taking into consideration your future growth and budget. Whether it’s considering some of the bigger brands like Shaw business phone systems, Nortel phone equipment, Panasonic phone systems, Meridian phones, and more – if you are looking for a phone system for your business, here are 5 effective tips for helping you choose the right provider:

1. Needs Assessment

The first step when it comes to picking the right business phone system is evaluating your needs. Business telephone system providers offer many features that may include caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, speed dialing, priority ringing, voice mail, and 3-way calling.

The technology that’s currently available allows your preferred phone system to be as feature-rich as possible. So, you need to carefully consider the requirements of the system’s users and pick a system that meets those needs for smoother operation and improved productivity.

2. Landline Vs. Cloud-Based System

It is important to decide whether you will install a cloud-based system or a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) phone system (landline). The cloud-based system provides more functionality compared to the landline phone system.

If you would like many phone model options and dozens of features that you can choose from as well as the ability to make and receive calls from anywhere with an Internet connection, then the cloud-based system is probably the best option for your business.

3. Size and Structure of Your Business

The size and structure of your business will determine the type of phone system that you choose. A large organization that has multiple office location will definitely have different phone system requirements compared to a small business that has just one office location.

If you have a large businesses with multiple branch offices of different sizes in different locations and want a premises-based business phone system, will be required to invest in expensive hardware for each of the remote locations. Phone systems like those from Panasonic or Shaw Smartvoice (VOIP) are excellent choices for the business environment.

4. Compatibility with Existing Office Systems

It is important to ensure that the business phone system you choose is capable of integrating with the existing office systems. Ensure that the system you choose is compatible with your headsets, conferencing tools, and other office technologies you use on a daily basis.

If the system you choose is not compatible with the existing office technologies, you might have to spend a lot more money than originally planned because you will have to replace all the items that don’t integrate into the new system.

5. Consulting a Professional

If you are finding it hard to find the right business phone system provider, you should consider consulting a professional. Your business might not have a dedicated IT department, which is why you are having difficulties understanding the technicalities.

Most business telephone system providers are happy to discuss with you details of their product if you ask. If this approach is not one that you like, you could always hire a consultant for this purpose, to take stock of your resources and goals and help you find a solution that takes both of these into account.

The Bottom Line

Finding the right business phone system provider might seem like a daunting task especially if you don’t know where to start. Fortunately, this article has provided a list of things you should take into account when searching for a business phone system provider. Follow the advice and tips discussed here to help you find the best one for your business. For Vancouver residents – they are in luck with Clearlines Telephone Company Inc. – they handle both repairs and installations or upgrades of existing business telephone systems and also Internet services because they are an authorized Shaw business provider. Contact them for more information at https://www.clearlines.com, or find them on the map below: